דְּכַרI = h. זָכַר (to mark, to remember. Targ. Lam. 3:19 sq. Targ. Ps. 83:6; a. fr.Sabb.12b רחמנא יִדְכְּרִינָךְוכ׳ the Lord remember thee for health.Part. דְּכָר, דָּכְרָא pass. דְּכִיר, דְּכִירָא remembering, reminded. Targ. Ps. 137:1 הוינא דָכְרִין (ed. Lag. דְּכִירִין). Targ. Gen. 8:1; a. fr.; v. דְּכִיר. 2) to mention, remind. Targ. Gen. 40:14 (with על).Targ. Y. I Num. 24:1, v. Af..Sabb.57a, a. fr. מאן ד׳ שמיה who mentioned his (its) name, i. e. what has this to do here? Af. אַדְכַּר to remind, call to remembrance. Targ. Gen. 41:9. Targ. Y. II Num. 24:1 (Y. I מִד׳, corr. acc.); a. e.Ber.31a, a. e. אַדְכַּרְתָּן מילתאוכ׳ thou recallest to my mind what R. … said; Succ.53a bot.Snh.82a אַדְכְּרֵיה רב לגמריה (by reciting the verse) he recalled to Rabs mind a tradition, v. גְּמָרָא. Nidd.24b דכי מַדְכְּרוּ ליה מִדְּכַר that when they mention it (the reason), one should be reminded (that he has heard the law before). Keth.20a מַדְכַּר חד לחבריה one (witness) may recall (the circumstances) to the others mind. Ber.18b לאַדְּכּוּרֵיה to recall it. Ithpe. אִידְּכַר, אִדְּ׳. 1) to be remembered. Targ. Jer. 11:19 יִדְּכַר (not יִדְכַּר). 2) to be reminded, recollect. Targ. Ps. 25:6; a. e.Keth.20b. Nidd.24b, v. supra; a. e.

Dictionary of the Targumim, the Talmud Babli and Yerushalmi, and the Midrashic Literature. . 1903.

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